How To Save Money On Your Ads

Publish your ads as cheaply as possible

It is impressive how much advertising has changed. It used to be that people use ads for specific things and mostly only companies can afford it. Nowadays, everyone can put their own ads and tailor them to be more affordable and functional. And thanks to cookies, ads can reach their intended target more often.

If you want to put your own ads for whatever purposes, there are some tips and tricks that can reduce the cost of your ads without compromising their performance. Here is how.

Choose the right network

There so many internet advertising companies and the competition is tight. This is good for advertisers because now they have a lot of options about where to publish their ads. By choosing the right network, you can publish your ads for cheap and still able to reach your audience.

Some big networks, for example, LinkedIn, have a low inventory that is not beneficial for advertisers. Low inventory means small ad spaces and higher prices for each ad. You certainly don’t want to compete with big companies that have unlimited marketing budgets.

Optimize your funnel

For some advertisers, the right funnel is everything for their campaigns. Make sure that your funnel has different ways to improve the conversion rate. To do this, you must improve your landing page.

Find ways to make your landing page more enticing for customers. Make it so that people are encouraged to make a purchase and come back later as a regular. Don’t focus too much on either new conversions or maintain old ones. By improving your funnel, you can improve both at the same time.

Use location targeting

Targeting a broad audience is both expensive and ineffective. Take advantage of location targeting that many advertisement networks have and reach your preferred audience.

So you must be smart about your geographic targeting preferences. Do some research to know where your target audience is based. Update your targeting accordingly and see your conversion rate goes up.

Improve your ad copy

No matter how much money you throw into your ad campaigns, nothing will improve if your ad copy is poor. The ability to create good content is priceless for copywriters and advertisers. Choose your words carefully and learn how to phrase your messages properly.

The call-to-action buttons must be carefully placed and crafted. You don’t want to sound pushy or unenthusiastic about your product. Sometimes, one word or even one exclamation mark can make a big difference. The better the copywriter is, the better the result for your advertisement.

Ad schedule

There have been many discussions about ad schedules in the past and all of them seem to agree to people on different platforms are active at different times of the day. So depending on your ad network and target audience, the right schedule equals success.

If you know when to publish your ads, you can easily cut the cost and still get a decent conversion rate. Google does a great job at helping advertisers with the schedule.

Add negative keywords

When it comes to being efficient, using negative keywords is one of the best solutions to achieve it. Negative keywords are a bunch of keywords that are irrelevant to your targeted audience. By using negative keywords, your ads will only be displayed to the right audience.

For example, if you’re selling new phones, you don’t care about the keyword “used phones”. You can tailor the negative keywords based on what you’re aiming for, audience, company, products, and industry.

Bid smartly

Bidding is an integral part of your ad campaigns. Most advertisers are trying to save money by keeping their CPC on the lower end of the bidding range. But that means they have bad ad placements, and lower conversions and impressions.

However, if you’re bidding to dominate the results pages, you might have to spend a lot of money and bidding against yourself. So the solution to this is trial runs and learn. You should try various CPC bids for different keywords. Calculate which ones are the best at bringing ROI.

Advertise with care

The world of internet advertising is very interesting. There are so many strategies, approaches, and methods that advertisers can use. Most of the time you’ll be asked to be more creative and sharper to get the best result from your ads without ruining your budget.

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