Exterior Paint Color Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Are you thinking about painting the outside of your home? Make sure you stay in style and check out these exterior paint color trends to look out for in 2022.

Whether it’s a quick refresh or a whole new paint job, painting the exterior of your home is a decisive move. It’s the easiest way to spruce up the outside of your home and add to curb appeal instantly.

The outside of your home is what everyone sees first, right? By having your home freshly painted, you’ll be making a great first impression.

And when choosing your exterior paint, why not go with popular colors for painting your home? In this article, we share the top exterior home color trends to look out for today.

Warm Neutrals

You can never go wrong with neutrals. They’re the easiest way to transform a home while giving it an effortless, classic look. Go with a bright white or off-white as a solid foundation.

You can then add other neutrals as an accent and offset to the white. We suggest creamy yellows, earthy taupes, and warm beiges. 

Go Green

Well, we have good news. Green isn’t just for landscaping anymore! Perhaps you prefer a more “out-there” color, and the neutrals aren’t doing it for you.

It is a popular choice for both interior and exterior home design. Green as a paint palette blew up after actress Dakota Johnson gave it prime space in her kitchen cabinets.

Opt for a darker green, as it contrasts nicely with other colors. If you have a lot of whites and blacks on the exterior of your home, green will give your facade a crisp and unexpected appeal.

It is a great way to stand out yet appear current and trendy!

Warm Goldens

A coat of sunny yellow is just the ticket to brighten up your home. A warm yellow is a great way to give your home an understated yet classic look.

In addition, opting for a yellowish hue can offer many advantages. Yellow absorbs less heat than the darker color yet shows little dust and debris from the road.

However, with yellow paint, it is essential to get the exterior paint sheens just right. The glow of the color can make or break the overall look you’re going for!

Moody Hues

Black and white color palettes will always be in style. Darker exteriors have become all the rage, but you can strike a balance between dark and light with a combination of colors!

Look into colors that both blend into the environment yet stand out. Opting for a creamy white and a grey-ish black is an excellent way to achieve this.

Popular Paint Color Trends Are the Way to Go

Exterior paint colors offer an excellent opportunity to give new life to the outside of your home! Going with color trends will be the way to go as they are classy, sophisticated, and to everyone’s taste!

For an extra touch, pay attention to exterior paint colors in harmony with the roof, walls, and facade cladding.

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