7 Tips For Marketing Your House

How to market your house

The housing market is crazy lately, with so many people are eager to buy a house. For some people, it’s going to be their first house, but for some, it might be their second or even third home.

It might sound good for house sellers, but the truth is people have become wary of overpriced houses and the trend is going to die soon. The question is when? If you’re planning to sell your house, today is the best time to do it. The longer you need to sell your house, the more difficult it is to find a buyer.

This is why I want to share with you, some tips for marketing your house. With the right marketing approach, you can find a buyer in no time and get a decent price for your house.

1. Go all out and make your house more noticeable

There is no such thing as going overboard. I’ve seen people putting an inflatable dinosaur in the yard to attract buyers, and it was effective. You can use whatever decorations you have in the house and use that. Or you can a cheap and huge inflatable unicorn or something.

The point is, the decorations in the yard should attract more buyers and encourage people to take a look. Don’t put something that pushes people away. The right decorations will create a buzz on the internet and that means free marketing for you.

2. Work together with other small businesses

Many small businesses would be happy to market your house if you’re a customer. For example, work together with a dog groomer and make a deal with them to market your house on their social media accounts as long as you’re a customer.

Obviously, it won’t be a huge marketing campaign. The most you can ask for is for them to tag your account or post a picture of your house. But you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be.

3. Use your own social media accounts

Free and easy to use, those are the criteria of your own social media accounts. You can use the existing marketplace to market your house, advertise on other pages’ posts, retweet and market, and so on.

There are many ways to market your house for free and get exposed to thousands of potential buyers. Make sure to take a lot of pictures of your house in high quality, make them look good and professional.

4. Check out your competition

The best way to see if your house is too cheap or expensive is by checking out the competition. See what they’re doing and find out yourself what you’re doing wrong and what can you improve.  Replicate what they’re doing right and avoid what they’re doing wrong. Even better, check where your competitions market their houses.

5. Use local images

Many potential house buyers are hesitating to make a deal because they’re unfamiliar with the local areas or because the real estate industry is a mess. It’s very understandable as you can’t be too careful nowadays.

This is why you should use pictures of the local area. Show each strategic place, the best places to hang out, nearby landmarks, school, or hospital, and everything else that is important. The more information you provide, the more trust people will have in you.

6. Hire a photographer

Image can be everything when it comes to marketing and a good photographer can make your house look so much better. In fact, this is what a lot of house sellers are doing.

Get a photographer who is within your budget. Ask him if he has some suggestions on what to do next and tell him what you have in mind as well. And of course, pick the best day to take some pictures and do it within a day.

7. Virtual tour

I’ve seen some virtual tours, and they’re all awesome. This is one of the best trends I’ve seen in a while when it comes to the housing market.

Some people also prefer a virtual tour nowadays, since their time can be used for something else. A good virtual tour should cover every part of the house and provides multiple angles. The whole presentation should be accurate, and please do not use music or anything that can be distracting.


Nowadays, there are so many ways to market your house and attract potential home buyers. If you’re creative and resourceful enough, you can reach thousands of people for free and for as little time as possible.

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