6 Essential Cleaning Tips When Moving into a New Home

A "new" house isn't always squeaky clean. Read here to find essential tips for cleaning a new home and starting out on the right foot.

Moving to a new house is very exciting! But, before you start unpacking, it’s important to put a cleaning checklist together. While the previous tenants may have cleaned, it’s worth it to do it yourself before moving in.

Cleaning a new home makes it feel more like the space belongs to you. You can make sure it’s up to your standards and catch any spots the previous tenants missed. 

How do you get started? In this article, you’ll find out. Read on for some new homeowner cleaning tips.

1. Get All the Glass

You don’t want any fingerprints or streaks on the glass in your home! Be sure to go over all the mirrors and windows with glass cleaner. Don’t forget the areas around them either, like windowsills or frames.

When you’re taking care of the windows, try to clean the outside of the glass as well. Doing this ensures they look crystal clear from both sides.

2. Be Thorough in the Bathroom

An endless number of germs can lurk in the bathroom! That’s why you have to disinfect and sanitize it. Be thorough and clean every surface well.

You can use an all-purpose cleaner or a mixture of water, dish soap, and vinegar on the sink and bathtub or shower. When cleaning a new house toilet, you should use a disinfecting cleaner.

3. Dust the Light Fixtures

One of the most overlooked spots in a home is the lighting fixtures. They can get covered in a buildup of dust and cobwebs. Because of that, you’ll want to make sure dusting them is on your cleaning checklist.

4. Clean Out the Kitchen Appliances

If you’re buying a home with kitchen appliances, don’t forget to clean them out. Items like a microwave, oven, or refrigerator can get unpleasant when they’re used. Previous tenants often forget to clean them themselves, too.

You may need to clean the stove and its drip pans. Wipe down the range hood and change its filter as well. If your home has a dishwasher, run a cleaning cycle on it.

5. Spend Time on the Exterior

The exterior of your home might be a little dirty from age or weather conditions. But, as a new homeowner, you probably want to make it look good to show it off.

You can do that by washing the outside of your new house. A pressure washer can help — view more about it here.

6. Go Over the Floors

When cleaning a new house, the floors are a must. Your cleaning method for them may be different depending on the kind you have.

Carpets need to get vacuumed and steam cleaned. Wood floors need to get cleaned with wood cleaner or a mild soap. For other types of flooring, like tile or concrete, sweep them and use a suitable cleaner for the surface.

Remember This When Cleaning a New Home

Before moving, tenants should do a thorough cleaning. But, when you move in after them, it doesn’t hurt to clean again. When you’re cleaning a new home, remember all these tips!

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