5 Steps on How to Start a Profitable Blog


The pandemic changed the way a lot of people viewed work as vast swathes of people suddenly found themselves going to the office remotely. It also encouraged people to investigate the possibilities of side hustles to bring in some extra money.

One of the popular options is to start a blog. Of course, there is the persistent problem of how to start a profitable blog. Nobody wants to pour hours of effort into a blog every week only to never make any money.

If you’re considering starting a blog, keep reading for some tips on how to blog for profit.

1. Picking a Niche

One of the single most important decisions you’ll make with your blog is picking a niche. Finding profitable blog niche ideas isn’t the only consideration.

Business blogs are popular and potentially profitable. Starting one will turn into pure agony if you don’t like reading and writing about business. You need a niche that comes with a bit of built-in audience, but also intersects with your own interests.

2. Get the Website in Order

If you want long-term success with a blog, you need your own URL and website hosting. You can often get a good deal on your first year for both.

Getting a URL and picking a name for the blog go hand-in-hand. This is typically a process since lots of names are already taken. Try to come up with several ideas and look for URL variations on those ideas.

Don’t try to break the mold with the website itself. WordPress is ideal for bloggers, easy to use, and offers loads of plugins. Beyond that, most hosting services support one-click installs for WordPress.

3. Content Calendar

Building a blog audience means you must post on a clear and reliable schedule. That lets people predict when you’re going to post and show up.

Build a content calendar that lists headlines and ideas for posts at least a month or two in advance.

4. Outsource

If you know you won’t have time to write the posts, consider outsourcing.

You can invite people to write guest blog posts for you. You can also outsource to a third-party blog writing service. These methods let you fill holes in your blogging schedule.

5. Monetize

You must invest the time in building your audience before the blog can generate real profit, but you have options to monetize early on. You can offer affiliate products, do display ads, and even write your own information products.

How to Start a Profitable Blog? Plan

Planning is the real answer to how to start a profitable blog. You need to think about what niche you’ll write in, and who you’ll write for. You also need your website ducks in a row before you publish your first post.

Create a content calendar in advance so you’re never scrambling for ideas. If necessary, outsource occasionally. Embrace monetization early with ads, affiliate products, or your own products.

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